Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Penguin Finds Love

Introduction: This was written during the summer of...1999, I think. I was working part time at the Cookeville Quick Print. Most Saturdays when I worked, I was the only one in the store, and really, who needs printing services on a Saturday? So I wrote this one Saturday morning. I later made this into a little book complete with some random penguin clip art from the web and gave it to my girlfriend (who is now my wife) for her birthday.

A Penguin Finds Love

Let me introduce you to the star of the show. Meet Angie. She's a penguin. Wave to the folks, Angie! Isn't she cute? Just take a look at that shiny black coat. It really stands out against her bright, white belly.

What? What's that, Angie? Oh, she wants you to see the bow on her head. She thinks it's special, which it really is. See the shiny butterfly? She calls it her "flutterbye". She's so cute! Angie's never seen a real butterfly before.

Actually, she's never seen an animal that hasn't been another penguin or a polar bear. Ooooh, polar bears are scary! She better stay away from them!

Well, we'll be following Angie around today as she goes about her business. Let's hope it isn't boring! Come with me and we'll get started.

Shhhhh…Angie's still sleeping. Let's look around her room before she wakes up. Look at all the ice! Since Angie lives in Antarctica, she has to make her home in snow and ice. It gets pretty cold, but her little black coat keeps her nice and toasty warm.

Well, her room looks like a normal, penguin-girl's room. Bookcase, desk, dresser…what's this on her mirror? It's a picture of a BOY penguin! It must be a friend from school.

Uh oh! She's waking up. Let's hope we didn't make too much noise!

She still looks sleepy. She needs a shower and some food to really wake her up. Well, she can take care of those at the same time. Let's follow her outside.

Gosh, the sun sure is bright this morning! There's Angie, standing by the water and stretching. What do you think she will do?

That's right! And there she goes, diving right into the water. I guess that takes care of her shower, but what about breakfast? Oh, I see. Watch her swim gracefully up to the fish and just gobble it up. Sorry Mr. Fish, but today you serve a higher purpose.

Well, it looks like she's getting out of the water. Where do you suppose she's going? Do you think we should follow her? Me too!

Angie sure does look happy today. Her coat looks extremely shiny and she keeps fussing with her "flutterbye" bow. I think she's going to someone's house. Yes, and there it is. She sure looks excited. Let's find out who it is.

Why, it's the same penguin that was in her picture! He seems pretty excited, too. I think they like each other a lot. It looks like they're going to spend the day together. Do you think we should still follow them? Well, you're the boss so we better catch up because they've already left.

There they are, walking and talking. I wish we could talk to them, but at least we can hear them.

"That's a pretty bow you're wearing."

"Really? Thank you very much. It's my favorite. You look very handsome today."

"Thank you. I combed my flippers for our date."

Did you hear that?! They're on a date! This should be fun!

"So where are you taking me on our date?"

"Well, I picked out a spot for a picnic. I hope you like fish because I spent all day catching them. I got the biggest and tastiest fish that I could find."

"Are you kidding? Fish is my favorite food!"

"Well then, here we are."

Oh wow, isn't he so sweet? He has a little tablecloth spread out over the snow, two plates with a fish on each of them, two glasses full of milk, and candles added for that romantic touch. Somebody better tell Angie that this one's a keeper.

Well, gosh, they're sure not saying much while they eat. This is getting kind of boring, don't you think? Let's take a look around at the scenery. Hmm, there's some snow over here, some snow over there, a polar bear sneaking up on the two penguins, more snow over in that direction, snow covering the …POLAR BEAR!?! Oh no, someone better warn them!

"So, I was thinking, if nobody's asked you yet - "


"Eeeeek! It's a polar bear!"

"Quick, Angie, run over there! I'll take care of the polar bear."

Wow, Rob is so brave. But what is he gong to do? The polar bear is really mad and is chasing him. Rob dove into the water!

Will that stop the bear? Nope. He jumped in after him. But look how fast Rob is in the water. He's swimming circles around the bear. The bear looks dizzy and sick. I think he's had enough for today, and Rob does too.

But why is he leading the bear out of the water? Now they're heading towards Angie. Just what is going on?

"Don't be scared, Angie. Mr. Polar Bear has something he would like to say to you."

"I'm sorry for ruining your picnic Miss Angie. I saw the food and got so hungry. I hope you're not mad at me."

"Thank you very much, Mr. Polar Bear. Your apology is accepted and you are forgiven."

Well, that was unexpected. The polar bear apologized. And now he's just walking off, but he looks sad and embarrassed. I guess that'll teach him not to ruin a first date. Let's see what's happening with the penguins.

"Oh Rob, you're so brave to lead the polar bear away from me. This was the best date I've ever been on. I can't wait until our next one."

"Our next one? You mean you want to go out with me again?"

"Of course, silly boy. I think I want to go on a lot more dates with you."

Oh, shut your eyes, children…too late! She just stood up on the tip of her flippers and gave Rob a kiss on the cheek. Look at him blush! Now they're walking home, and holding hands even. I think it's time we left them alone. They've had a busy day, and I think we'll be able to go on more adventures with those lovebirds. Wave bye to the penguins, kids!

This is dedicated to Angie, the person who stole my heart, won my love, and became my best friend. No matter what happens, you'll always be my little penguin and my punkin'.

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